Minutes from 1/10/07 Ad Hoc Sustainable Louisville Expo and Education Networking Meeting

Dear Meeting Attendees and Interested Folks,
See Attached meeting notes from 1/10 meeting. A second meeting has tentatively been set for Feb 7th AM, and you will be contacted about it in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for the great turnout at the Meeting this past Wednesday and thanks for the many offers of time and resources to help get the project off the ground. I am confident that a gathering of some sort will come out of it this spring and that it will mushroom into something impactful over the next few years.

My role as jump-starter is done and I will be turning the bulk of the communicating-organizing over to you KYanians and Ed Sweeney will be the liaison between us for Lexington . Thanks for your interest in taking on this project and I look forward to collaborating with many of you to make both Lexington & Louisville greener and expanding the influence of our projects throughout the state, region and even nation if we are so blessed.

Keep up the good work,

Ben B. Perry - Coordinator
Bluegrass Energy & Green Living Expo/Directory
P O Box 22580
Lexington, KY
Office Phone/Fax -
Cell -
Email - benperry@a-spi.org
Website - www.bluegrassenergyexpo.org

1/10/07 Louisville Expo Meeting Notes

The Meeting began at about 10:35 AM and concluded about 12:15 PM.

Following is a list of attendees (that signed in), along with their affiliation, Email and the actions or resources they offered to move the project forward.(see meeting notes below)

Ed Sweeney (Lexington) - Recently Retired, eds102@hotmail.com

- Volunteer Liason between Lex and Lou, Brown-Forman contact

Ben Perry (Lexington) - Bluegrass Expo/Directory coordinator, benperry@a-spi.org

- Consult with Lou committee (through Ed) and attend meetings as needed

Steve Casals (Lexington) - One World Art Center, stephen@oneworldartcenter.com

- Music-art activities, printing & other help from Employment Solutions

David Silverman- Adena/Communicas, davidsilverman@iglou.com

- Interim Organizer/committed participant, media coordination

David Wicks- JCPS, David.Wicks@jefferson.kyschools.us

- 40 x 60 tent, State Fair Energy Exhibit components, access to JCPS resources

Michelle Stites- APCD, michelle.stites@louisville.gov

- Educational Exhibit w “Claira?”, meeting room, Admin support

Marty Hanka- GoodOil Diesel Conversions, goodoilboys@aol.com

- Workshop, vehicles for parades-events

Ron Waterbury- GSA-FM, rwaterbury@louisvilleky.gov

Frank Schwartz & Walter Lay- Project Warm, frank@ + walter@projectwarm.org

- Workshop + help recruiting sponsors

David Coyte- CART, dcoyte@juno.com

- Workshop + Contact Russ Barnett at UofL and others

George Perkins- Lou Peak Oil Group, gg_perk@bellsouth.net

- Workshop-Exhibit, recruit volunteers

Wallace McMullen, Joan Lindop- Sierra Club mcmulw@bellsouth.net +

jlindop@gmail.com – Energy/Global Warming focus

Cass Harris- LouMetro/Partnership, cass.harris@louisvilleky.gov

- Needs to know more about target audience, inclusion policy, etc

Jeremy Coxon- SunWind Power Systems, jcoxon@sunwindpowerinc.com

- Workshop, help with biz aspects, + contact Creative Energy & Southern IN folks

Odell Henderson- Lou Metro Gov, odell.henderson@louisvilleky.gov

- Electric mail car for parades-events

Peggy Kidwell- CART/Lou Peak Oil, PeggyJoe@yahoo.com

– Volunteer/tabling, Pedi-Cabs for event transportation

Emma Kuhl- Energy Pros, emma@theenergypros.net – Give/host workshops,

1) Ben presented and reviewed a Quick Facts sheet on the Bluegrass Energy & Green

Living Expo and an agenda for the meeting.

2) Possible Event Ideas/Collaborations

a) Annual Events - Spring in Lou / Fall in Lex w/ active collaboration

- Pre-Derby – Louisville Zoo, Thunder Over Lou & Falls of Ohio Earth Day

- David Wicks/JCPS can provide tent

- EVs, biofuel cars in Derby Festival Parade

b) Partner w Forecastle – Joan Lindop (Sierra Club above) organizer/contact

3) Discussion of Elements Necessary for a Successful Event

Possible Host Organization(s)

– 501(c)3 Orgs - KY Institute for the Environment & Sustainable Development

(UofL- Russ Barnett), KAIRE,

Committed partner Bizs-Orgs providing funds, skills, manpower, Etc

- Legacy Homes (Mark Isaacs) was mentioned

Other Resource Bizs/Orgs

Local/KY– Non-Profit Service Center, US Green Building Council-KY Chapter,

AMEBA?-Keep Louisville Weird

National - BALLE, Relocalize.net, Coop America/Green Pages


- It was felt that Spring was better than Fall, however, most felt that Spring 2007 was too soon for a Bluegrass-type Expo. Earth week 2007 was when several members wanted to kick off the project with a well-done, smaller-scale event possibly using the JCPS tent and associated with Earth Day or a pre-derby event (see below for specifics). - A full-scale Expo could be done in spring of 2008


- 1 or more person(s) willing to stand for event a work 10-20 hrs/wk 6-12 months out and 20-40 hrs/wk 0-6 months out (+ a good intern or two ideally)

- Persons to recruit vendors, sponsors, workshop presenters, volunteers, etc

- Maybe Existing Org or Biz could pay someone x days/wk/mo to organize Expo

- At Expo – 100+ volunteers + Key personnel to work the door and organize

vendors, educational exhibits, workshops, children’s activities, art and music

Steering Committee

- 5 or more committed persons representing skills such as logistics, marketing, education, organizing, communications, etc

- Jeremy Coxon called for the committee to draft a mission statement and

timeline as soon as is practicable


- The 1st Bluegrass Expo began with $20,000 seed funds and has had $10-15,000 committed in advance in years 2 & 3

- Governor’s Office of Energy Policy & Humana Future Fund (Dan Jones) were mentioned as possibilities, along with a host Org kicking in $5,000 -10,000 ideally


- Location with large spaces for vendors-exhibits, small spaces for workshops &

outdoor space for solar, wind, agriculture, vehicles and other demos

- Possibilities - Downtown & fairgrounds convention centers, Mellwood Center (green building elements), Southern IN fairgrounds

4) Closing Notes

- David Silverman was voted as Interim Organizer pending recruitment of a Host Organization. Next Meeting is tentatively scheduled for the morning of Feb 7 at the same place and David will communicate with the group and coordinate the meeting.

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