DRAFT Proposed Time line for Louisville Sustainable Community and Business Networks Initiative

DRAFT Proposed Time line
Louisville Sustainable Community and Business Networks Initiative

1) Sustainable Louisville 2007 Strategic Goal:
Strategic Plans Partnerships and Action in local sectors and regions for rapid transitions to sustainability.

2) Major Events

2.1) Expos
2.1.1) ( 4/18,19,20,21/07? ) Sustainable Louisville Earth Week Conference/Expo?
2.1.1) (4/20-21/07?) Sustainable Louisville Green and Local Expo?
2.1.2) (10/07?) Bluegrass Energy and Environment Green Living Expo

2.2) Earth Week Events
2.2.1) (4/14/07) Jeffersonville Riverfront
2.2.2) (4/22/07) Louisville Zoo
2.2.3) (4/18-21/07) Sustainable Louisville Earth Week Conference/Expo?
2.2.4) (4/21/07) Thunder

2.3) Derby Festival Events
2.3.1) (4/21/07) Thunder
2.3.2) ( 5/3//07) Pegasus Parade
2.3.4) (4/21 - 5/6/07) Other?

2.4) Partner Organization Major Events

2.5) Green and Local Directory and Green Maps Services Releases (First round, 4/07, Second round, 9/07)

2.7) Green and Local Strategic Plan Release (First round, 4/07)

2.8) Other

3) Regular Events

3.1) Monthly:Public Events (All tentative):

3.1.1) Sustainable Business, Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship Lecture and Organizing Series (Webster University and rotating to business and labor locations) (First Thursday of every month beginning 3/8/07)
3.1.2) Sustainable Development Lecture and Organizing Series (Urban design Studio) Second Wed of every month beginning March 14)
3.1.3) Sustainable Communications, Arts and Education Lecture and Organizing Series (Webster University, Community Schools) 3rd wed of month beginning 2/21/07)
3.1.4) Social Justice and Sustainability Lecture and Organizing Series (Spaulding University) (First Tuesday of every month, beginning March 6, 2007)
3.1.5) Sustainable Governance Lecture and Organizing Series (Adena Institute)
3.1.6) Sustainable Communities: Ecovillage and Neighborhoods Lecture and Organizing Series (Presbyterian Community Center)
3.1.7) Related: Louisville Sustainability Roundtable (First Wed of Month, Newburg Road)

4) Weekly or Biweekly Public Events:

4.1) Living Green Today Television and Media Series
4.2) Sustainable Louisville Indicators and Methods Research Seminar
4.3) Sustainability Certification Education Series (Permaculture, Green Building, Green Procurement, Sustainable Livelihoods, Green Production, Social Justice, Industrial Ecology, other tracks)
4.4) Spoken Word and Celebration Events collaboratives (Expressions of You, others)

5) Organizing and Strategic Visioning Events

6) Outreach Opportunities - Lectures, Meetings, Presentations

7) Regular Organizational Development and Fundraising Events

7.1) Monthly
7.1.2) Committee and subcommittee meetings

7.2) Weekly
Strategic Planning and coordination committees

7.3) Daily
7.3.1) Staff meetings
7.3.2) Coordinating Committee meetings
7.3.3) Production and Outreach Meetings

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