Greening Regions and Weaving Networks: Some Next Steps

Green and Local Networks: Some Next Steps

For the past few years, we've been exploring and supporting linkages between local and global networks supporting sustainability.

A recent (January 07) gathering in Louisville, Ky, USA continued some of these discussions, laying more groundwork for partnerships with small business and community organizations devoted to mainstreaming sustainable community business and education in the region. Looking to the experience of a variety of organizations involved in such efforts, we are exploring partnering support business associations, community networks, green expos and community education for sustainability.

At the January meeting, we explored creating a Louisville Green and Local Expo and Festival in partnership with the Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo, participating in upcoming Earth Day and Derby Festival events, and supporting partnerships between local and national sustainable business and NGO networks.

It is important to note that this work is part of ongoing sustainability work in the community. There are already many important efforts in the region, many of which participated in or were discussed at the January meeting, some of which are listed in the links section on this page. We look forward to participating in and supporting these networks as part of the work of developing strong business and community sustainability in the region.

Some of the specific ideas we are exploring include:

1) Forming local chapter partnerships with diverse local and global sustainable business networks, including

American Independent Business Association (Keep Louisville Weird)
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo
Co-op America/ National Green pages/ Green Festivals network
Co-Alliance of Businesses

2) Mainstreaming sustainable business and community education and media outreach. Through these and other networks we are exploring partnerships to support ongoing lectures, conferences and media outreach for community and business education. Some of these would take the form of regular and ongoing events. Others would be one time Expos or conferences linked to community events.

At the January meeting we explored in particular opportunities for participation in local Earth Week and Derby activities, including

Jeffersonville Riverfront Earth Day (Participation and outreach)
Louisville Zoo Earth Day (Participation and outreach)
Thunder Over Louisville (Supporting Greening efforts and activities onsite)
Pegasus Parade (Particular alternative transportation entries)

We are exploring the possibility of sponsoring business conferences and/or community green expos and festivals in partnership with the Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo during Earth Week and/or later in the year, as well as supporting the annual Lexington, KY expo in the Fall.

The next meetings of this working group will look to the supporting these efforts via action committees and collaboratives. (see below).

You are invited to participate in these meetings and networking efforts in ways which serve your organizational and personal missions.

Please take a moment to look at the information detailing these next steps, below. We hope you'll participate, attend or network with us as these efforts move forward.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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