DRAFT Agenda for Ad Hoc Sustainable Community and Business Networks Organizing Meeting

9 AM February 7, 2007
First Floor Board Room
Air Pollution Control District
850 Barret Ave.
Louisville, KY
For more information:
502 410 2786

1) Introductions

2) Status Report

3) Proposed Sustainable Louisville 2007 Strategic Goal:
Strategic Plans, Partnerships and Actions in local sectors and regions for rapid transitions to sustainability.

3) Proposed Interim Timeline

Community Education
Green and Local Strategies
Organizational Development

4) Proposed Committee Structure

5) Regional and National Sustainable Business Networks Introduction and Review
5.1) Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo
5.2) Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
5.3) American independent Business Association
5.4) Co-op America

6) Reports from Community Events and Organizing Leaders

6.1) Louisville Zoo
6.2) Jeffersonville Riverfront
6.3) Derby Festival
6.3.1) Pegasus Parade
6.3.2) Thunder Over Louisville
6.3.3) Convention and Visitors Bureau
6.3.4) Expo opportunities ad hoc
6.3.5) Ad hoc organizing ctte

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