Green Magic! Come Join the Parade!

Planning is underway for the 2008 Pegasus Parade!

Want to be a part of the 2008 Float Fun? Contact us at or 502 762 2285. Come join the Parade!

The Green Magic! float took the Grand Prize at the May 3, 2007 Pegasus Parade during the Kentucky Derby Festival !!!

Sponsored by Sustainable Louisville and a host of community businesses and organizations, the Green Magic! Float celebrated the Greening of Louisville and the planet -- from the nature tricksters of the world's cultures to the 100% vegetable oil truck which powered the music and the float.

The Pegasus Parade is the 15th largest Parade in the US and the centerpiece of traditional events during the Derby Festival, a major national event.

Planning is already underway for this year's Sustainable Louisville Float: "All the World's A Stage - of Possibilities" Click here to see Sketches of the 2008 Float by Artist Noah Church.

Winning the Grand Prize Award was a great honor for participants. The float was conceived as a community arts activism project, and the award is a testimony to the vision of artist Noah Church, the concept of cultural creatives supporting sustainable development work in Louisville, and the hard work and great fun the many Float participants brought to the Parade project. Our sponsors and friends deserve great credit for their timely support and many efforts in making this celebration possible. Thank you!!!

Pictures and detailed descriptions of the Float and other projects in development will be posted here shortly. Check back soon!

Green Magic ! Pegasus Parade 2007

Pegasus Parade:
Thursday, May 3, 2007, Broadway, Louisville, KY USA

Parade Preview:
Tuesday, May 1, 2007, Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center
Kentucky Derby Festival/Pegasus Parade info

GREEN MAGIC Contactinfo:
Call Now! 50 2.500.909 2

Participants and Sponsors: Please Scroll Down to Schedule Info Below
Green Magic! Pegasus Parade Sponsors and Friends

Everyone Loves a Parade!!!

You’re Invited To Join In The Fun!

Artists, activists, community members, businesses, non-profit groups:

This is your chance to join in the fun of being in the parade, while supporting the “Greening” of Louisville.

The Pegasus Parade is a premiere “mainstream “ event in Louisville. The “Green Magic “ float celebrates nature and a green future through alternative fuel vehicles, celebration with the nature myths of many cultures and education on how Louisville can move towards a sustainable future.

Come Join the Parade!!!

The Green Magic float is the central float in the parade this year-- we need people to walk and perform in the parade, help build the float, sponsor the entry and participate in the PR and community education.

Come join the magic! Give us a call and join the fun!

Green Magic!

Links to more information on the Green Magic! Project:

Join the working group:

Would you like to be in the Parade?
Come Join the Parade! Click for Poster Download
Join the Parade! You're Invited to Join in the "Green Magic" for Pegasus Parade

Be sure to print out and sign your Forms:
Then download, printout and sign "indemnification " and "medical release" forms.
PLEASE NOTE: Minors must have parental or guardian signatures.
The forms will also be available at the float if you'd like to sign at the parade.

Take a look at the original Green Magic! Proposal
DRAFT Pegasus Parade Application

Thank you! to all our sponors:
Green Magic! Pegasus Parade Sponsors and Friends

Press: TV Commentary and Sponsor Contributions

Would you or your company like to be a Green Magic! financial or materials sponsor? Take a look at:


Thanks for your participation, support or interest in
the the Green Magic ! unit of the 2007 Pegasus Parade.
Below is some information about the Green Magic!
entry, invitations to participate in the Parade, the
schedule for the coming week, and additional contact
and sponsorship information.

Green Magic!:
The Green Magic! float is a project of Sustainable
Louisville, a working group for community education on

The Parade unit reflects this theme through a
celebration of nature in the float design and
characters. The Green Magic! entry is a chance to
celebrate the "Greening" of Louisville as part of
Louisville's the main event, the Kentucky Derby
Festival. The unit is built in part with recycled,
reused and green materials along with bio-oil, pedal,
solar and electric powered vehicles. We are unit
number 5 in the Parade this year, right in the middle,
a great position to show off our theme.

Join the Parade!
You and your friends, family and colleagues are
invited to join the Parade! We still have room for
people who would like to be part of the Float and
walking contingent (must be over 14 years old).
Performers of any kind are also welcome - give us a
call now!

We hope you will come join the Parade, and spread the
word and invite others to join the Parade. All you or
they have to do is speak with Noah Church the unit
director, to let us know you are coming. If anyone
wants full costumes Noah can help make arrangements as
well. Noah's number is.

Please print out or forward this email invitation for
the downloadable flyer from the website
( for anyone you think
might be interested. Thanks!

We also would appreciate volunteers who would like to
participate in final float decoration any day between
now and the Parade, or who want to be part of the
Parade Preview May 1.

There is much more about the Green Magic! unit and the
Parade to be found at
Please take a look at the Green Magic section of the


The Schedule for the next few days:

Fri-Sat, April 27-28
Final Float construction at 954 E Kentucky Street in

Sunday April 29 and Monday, April 30:
Move vehicles and displays to the Kentucky Fair and
Exposition Center to be part of the Parade Preview.
Final float decoration at Fairgrounds

Tuesday, May 1, 9 AM to 9 PM:
Parade Preview at the Exposition Center.
9AM - 1 PM School and community groups tour the
floats, performance and educational events.
1-4 PM Float reviews for judging and general public
5:30 - 6:30 PM Float Ceremony for everyone
6:30 - 9 PM Performance and Concert

Thursday, May 3,
10 AM: Assembly for Parade vehicles at Broadway and
Barrett (You will get specific directions next week)
12 - 2 PM: Unit rehearsal
2 PM: Inspection and judging of the unit.
3-4PM: move into position
5PM: Parade
7-8 PM: Disperse according to Sheriff's routing.
Return float, costumes, equipment and supplies to 954
E. Kentucky St.
9 PM to...??? Green Magic! Parade after-party at
Uncle Pleasant's, - This is an All Ages party. Alcohol free areas available.
Uncle Pleasants: 2126 South Preston St., Louisville, KY.

Fri- Tues May 4 - Float deconstruction and debriefing.

Sponsors and Participants:

If you or your company are already a sponsor for the
Green Magic! unit, Thankyou!!!

If you or your organization would like to participate
in or sponsor the unit, there is still time, and
materials and other support are welcome. All sponsors
and participants will be listed on the website and
included in the TV Commentary and other PR of the
Parade, Sustainable Louisville, and the Derby

Next Steps:

Participants will be receivingseveral forms that need to be completed, including
indemnification, medical, a "Green" survey for your
company, PR info, permits for vehicles at the
Fairgrounds and Parade, along with background
materials, safety instructions and so on.

Most information about the Green Magic! unit and the
Pegasus Parade can be found at or the Derby Festival

We appreciate your willingness to jump in and be part
of the Parade this year. We're looking forward to
working with you. Please call with any questions you
may have.

See you at the Parade!

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