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Green and Local
Community Businesses

Sustainable Business Networks
+1 502 410 2786
P.O. Box 4241
Louisville, KY, USA 40204

Member information:
You can join with an online donation


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Going Green and Local
Sustainable Business
Working with neighborhoods and communities to “do good while doing well.”

We’re committed to socially and environmentally responsible business and development practices:
How can businesses support sustainable neighborhoods and ecosystems?
How can we support green & local businesses?

Learning to make smart choices:
For local food, solar building, renewable energy, green procurement, fair trade, fair wages, diversity, community wellness, media democracy and more.

We are working to build a liveable local economy.
Working together, businesses and consumers can add value through green and community-appropriate design, development and business practices.
“Thinking globally and acting locally” increases neighborhood livability, local prosperity and earth’s well being.

Kentucky Sustainable Business Networks
offer businesses, neighborhoods, consumers and the broader community ways to “buy local and buy green”:
KSBN is an “exploratory committee” for forming sustainable network partnerships.
KSBN discount Founding Memberships benefits:
  1. Louisville Green & Local Conference & Expo
  2. Listings in the Green Business Network Directory & related web, print & television listing & advertising for local & global placement.
  3. Access to BALLE and SBN green & socially responsible purchasing & online SBN marketplace partnerships
  4. Learning Resources: BALLE and SBN lecture series, peer mentoring, consulting & assistance with sustainable business certifications
  5. Connections to planning resources, agencies, green advertising, products, services, and business opportunities.
  6. Opportunities to participate in Sustainable Business Incubators, marketing, networking, social entrepreneurship & partnering locally & worldwide.
Do you or your organization want to join the Sustainable Business Networks?

Organizational Membership: If you represent a business or non-profit, and wish to join the Sustainable Business Network. Please send your application and $100 membership online online or by mail with a Member Brochure

Individual Membership: If you want to join and donate to the Kentucky/Indiana Sustainable Business Networks please send a donation online or by mail with a Member Brochure at the level you can afford:
$10 $20 $50 $100 $500 $1000 $________

Contact Sustainable Business Networks at or 502 410 2786 to receive any of the following member services:

Kentucky Sustainable Business Network Newsletter & event updates.

To participate in the Sustainable Kentucky Business Network Lecture Series and the Sustainable Community Workshops, the biweekly seminars on how my business, organization and neighborhood can “go green.”

Your organization can host a seminar or invite a speaker on Sustainable Business. Please contact SBN to make arrangements.

Volunteer to help “green” business and neighborhoods! Please contact SBN to help at events in spreading the word!

Green Business Sponsors: Support efforts like the Green & Local Business Conference, Energy & Green Living Expos, Green Business Directory & Festivals, Green Magic! @ the Derby, & more. Please contact us regarding Sponsor opportunities.

You can join with an online donation


Print out and mail in our Member Brochure

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