Commonwealth Computer Recycling: SBN Model Succeeds for Sustainable Louisville Member

August 18, 2008: Courier Journal Business article highlights Sustainable Business Networks and Sustainable Louisville business member Commonwealth Computer Recycling:

Parting ways

Commonwealth Computer Recycling turns old PCs, monitors into cash

By Bill • August 18, 2008

Commonwealth Computer Recycling was about a month old in March 2006, founder Jim Shields recalled, when he found himself tossing a ball to his German shepherd Dori and waiting "for one lady who had called in. She had one PC, one monitor and one printer. I waited four hours," he said.

Two years later, there's very little waiting around at the Louisville company. "It's a rocket. The thing has taken off very, very quickly," Shields said.

Located in a warehouse on East Kentucky Street, Commonwealth takes in between 60 and 80 tons of equipment every month -- mostly computers and monitors, but also other assorted electronic gear, from printers to copiers, fax machines, telephones and more.

The business is built on two promises: Those concerned about security issues are assured that the data-storing hard drives from their computers will be either shredded or electronically scrubbed of all information -- or both -- before the part leaves the warehouse.

In addition, anyone worried about the impact of millions of discarded computers on the environment can be certain that the equipment will be completely recycled -- not stripped of valuable parts and then placed in landfills.

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