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Green Festivals 2014


Green Festivals Award 2014 Community AwardGreen Festival Community Award

Green Festival is committed to supporting inspiring organizations and projects that educate and benefit their local communities with The Green Festival Community Award, a $5,000 grant awarded to a deserving non-profit, chosen by the public!More ...

ASPI’s Sustainable Energy Training Series Presents June 2010 Workshops:

  • Introduction to Solar Water Heating Systems
  •  Creating a Successful Solar or Energy Conservation Business
  •   Solar Water Heater Installation Workshop with HomeGrown HideAways
Financial support available to residents of Eastern Kentucky for the workshops on June 2 – 3 and June 4,
NABCEP training hours available for those preparing for NABCEP Solar Thermal Certification.

Louisville Sustainability Forum October2009 Announcements

Click on the image below to open the announcements poster from the Louisville Sustainability Forum

Louisville Sustainability Forum September 2009 Announcements

Click on the image below to open the announcements poster from the Louisville Sustainability Forum

2009 Sustainability Events of Interest, from Sustainability Living and Learning Network

*      International Conference on Value Chain Sustainability (ICOVACS 2009)


Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, KY October 19-21, 2009 Click here to learn more...


June 24-28, 2009 Cohousing Conference - Seattle, WA
Come to the 2009 National Cohousing Conference and see the power of community for yourself. With more than 50 program offerings - featured speakers, workshops, seminars, and tours-there's something for everyone! More Info 



June 20-24, 2009 
ASHRAE Conference in Louisville: Engineering Sustainability 

  Click here to learn more   


Transition Town / Ecovillage Training 

June 13-14 , 2009 Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Led by Maggie Seeley and Zaida Amaral, Ecovillage Design leaders partnered with Louisville and other ecovillage initiatives, the training promises to be one of the more exciting initiatives in the US as we continue the process of integrating transition work with diverse design and cultural perspectives... Click here to learn more...


May 16-17, 2009

Join us for the main midwest sustainability learning event of the season! 

To learn more:


*  Winter - Spring 2009: 

Sustainable Neighborhoods Organizing Meetings


Living Legacy: In Honor Of Van Jones

From: Naomi Davis
Subject: Living Legacy: In Honor Of Van Jones


Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting
for the other person to die.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins is right: your action now is called for now.
Please see her message from Green For All below.

Further, Margaret Mead reminds us, and Beck and company confirm:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

Like many of you, I'm sad and angry about the events which
culminated with the resignation of Van Jones from his position
in the Obama administration. But Van's legacy deserves so
much more than feelings: it merits more and methodical organizing.

You're part of the solution or you're part of the problem.

- Eldridge Cleaver

Help spread the good and necessary news of the new green economy.
Show your support for the green jobs movement, and the values it
stands for. Spread the word with 10 others.

Simply forward the link below to your friends and family:

Start with what's in your hand.
- Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

Van Jones is my friend and mentor, but my call to action isn't about
me, isn't about Van - what he did or didn't mean, isn't about dirty
deeds America did or didn't do. This call to action is about our future,
not our past. It's about our humanity and our sanity to do what works.
It's about our need for all hands on deck.

Let's keep our eye on the prize. Please sign and forward this petition...
and listen for organizing updates from Blacks in Green™ and from
our friends at Green For All.

History turns on slender hinges.
- Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun

We are a witness to the Power of One - the power of one voice,
alone or united - to light a whole new way...for the greater good
or otherwise. For example, as much as any one person, Van Jones
moved our collective mind to green solutions for the greater good -
one solution to America's two biggest problems - pollution and
poverty. He invested his life in "making lemonade." Sweet.

Sooner or later the verdict will be in on us: did we do what we
needed to survive?...did those of us who knew better, lend a hand
to teach our neighbors "how to fish?" In the swirl of our murky
imperfections we can always clarify by declaring:

I believe in a world that works for everyone,
with no one and nothing left out.

Do you? Please take a stand by signing and forwarding this petition.
Take a stand for a world where together we generate and enjoy the
health and wealth benefits of the new green economy.

Thank you,

Naomi Davis
President & Founder
Blacks in Green™

P.S. For the record, I stand with Van - who he is, whatever
he said or meant. Email me your perspective, if you like at Let's share, not shout.

BIG: Blacks in Green™ | 10001 S. Woodlawn Avenue | At The Olive-Harvey Sustainability Institute |
773-569-4464 | Chicago | IL | 60628

Click the image below to read the letter from Green For All about the Van Jones Resignation:

Green Convene looks at Louisville Sustainability

The Green Convene is organizing community voices for sustainability in Louisville. 

The Green List -- Louisville, Ky's Green Directory

There is a growing movement in Louisville committed to a local and sustainable lifestyle. There are lots of people just beginning to come on board. There are resources available if you know where to look or know the key words to search online. And of course there is word of mouth…Now all we need is a way to pull this together. One place to list it all.


GreenList Louisville

Your guide to sustainable living.

A quality printed guide to be published six time a year. The first issue is scheduled for mid-December 2008.

Local businesses, non-profits and individuals with green products or services invited to list or advertise now for the December issue. Sustainable Business and Community Networks members are offered discounts and encouraged to distribute Green List Louisville.

To list your business or organization for the first issue,
apply online at
Or call 502-905-7516 (Carole) or 502-905-7517 (Andy) -
Mention Sustainable Business to get an SBCN membership discount for this referral!

To learn more about or join the Sustainable Business and Community Networks, go to or call 502 762 2285 (David)

About Green List Louisville:

The Time is Right for this Publication!

A directory of local and sustainable businesses and services, alternative health care, personal & spiritual growth, restaurants featuring local and organic cuisine, green organizations, feature articles, a calendar of events and other good stuff

Our Mission

* To provide a guide, published six times a year, with listings and ads, and also some editorial to help readers navigate the seasons, the trends, and the issues.
* To provide a reasonably priced and targeted platform to get your message to consumers.
* To promote a sustainable community.

We are publishing a quality full color, digest size (5 ½" x 8 ½") publication for free distribution with an initial quantity of 10,000 to 15,000 copies or more.

Contents include: A directory of local and sustainable businesses and services, display ads, a guide to restaurants featuring local and organic cuisine, feature articles, a calendar of events, and other good stuff!

We invite you to help us reflect Louisville’s diverse and active sustainable living community.


Standard format three line listings will always be free. Extended listings and display ads are available. Contact us for extended listings, display ad rates.
and specifications.

We look forward to hearing from you!

9/26-28 Green Jobs Now! Events in Kentucky

Green for All: Green Jobs and Business for a New Economy

Over a thousand Kentuckians participated in Green Jobs Now! events all over Louisville and Frankfort on September 26-27, 2008. Video and interviews from the events will be posted on and Check back to learn more soon! Here is a picture from the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Open House in Butchertown featuring the Green Jobs Now! gathering.

US Rep. John Yarmuth on Green Energy and Green Jobs Now

US Rep. John Yarmuth spoke in Louisville KY on Green Energy and Green Jobs Now! for the Our1Planet / Green Jobs Now! Event at the 2008 Idea Fest Sponsored by the International Network of Social Entrepreneurs

CLICK HERE to Listen to Congressman Yarmuth's speech.

9/27/08, Louisville, KY: (OpenNewsNet): U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth urged Americans to move forward with green energy and business to support job creation, environmental and economic well being. Yarmuth described portions of the 2008 Energy Bill, highlighting renewable energy and conservation opportunities and pointed to the work of and the International Network of Social Entrepreneurs as an important part of networking for a Green economy. Read more at

We also had a chance to chat with Thomas Friedman last week about green development and media in the region following his speech at the old YWCA in Louisville. He has just published an important article on Green Jobs Now! called "Green the Bailout" - take a look and pass it on to legislators and others.

From the original invitation to Green Jobs Now!:

Join us for five events on September 26-27in Louisville and Frankfort celebrating progress towards a Green Kentucky and a Sustainable Louisville!

8 pm Friday, September 26, 2008: Walk for A Green and Peaceful Future! Starts from the corner of Bailey and Frankfort Ave.,

12-4pm, Saturday, September 27, 2008: "It's Easy Being Green" - A Community Solutions Fair! What does it take to move towards a green economy in Louisville? Find out at:at Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market, 3738 Frankfort Ave, St. Mathews, KY, 40207

5-8 pm, Saturday, September 27, 2008: Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Open House and Street Fair! Be sure to join us for "I"m Ready: Speak Out For Green Jobs!" at the Adena Institute/ Sustainable Louisville Green Jobs Now! table. 901 Franklin St. Louisville KY 40204,

11:45 -3:30 pm September 27, 2008: Green Jobs Now at the Idea Festival, "MAKING A DIFFERENCE 3.0" - International Convention Center- Second Floor

12-2 pm, September 27, 2008, Green Jobs Now- Kentucky! 2235 Gregory Woods Road, Frankfort, KY,

Green Jobs Now! is part of a national day of action for a Green Economy. To learn more, go to:

To learn more about the Green for All - Green Jobs Now! efforts in Louisville, please take a look at

To join our discussion list to keep up to date on Louisville area sustainability events, please join

Here are the details on September 26-27 events:

Friday, September 26, 2008: Walk for A Green and Peaceful Future
Come join us for a walk down Frankfort Avenue in Louisville to support a Green For All Future! Whether your interest is in animal rights or green jobs, neighborhood sustainability or building a more peaceful community, join this walk through our neighborhoods as we demonstrate for a positive future! We'll be interviewing folks and passing out the Green Jobs Now Petition along the way!

The walk begins at the corner of Bailey and Frankfort at 8 PM and will head north to Melwood Avenue and then east two blocks to the Melwood Center. Join us afterwards at Sweet n Savory in the 1800 Block of Frankfort for good conversation and a chance to share our visions for a green community. Just bring yourself, happy feet, your own signs and enthusiasm. This is also the Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop night, so there will be many folks out on the streets to connect with. See you there!

"It's Easy Being Green" - A Community Solutions Fair
12-4 pm September 27
What does it take to move towards a green economy in Louisville? Find out at Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market, 3738 Frankfort Ave, St. Mathews, KY, 40207

"It's Easy Being Green" - especially when you have the right help!
Join us this Saturday, September 27th from 12-4 PM at St. Matthews for Greening Your Life. Get tips and tricks from over 20 experts in ways to shift to a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle and home, both of which can equal savings! Be sure to stop by the Sustainable Business Networks table to learn about how the Louisville economy can Go Green with Green Jobs Now! From learning how making "greener" food choices can impact you carbon footprint to learing about green building and remodeling options, we've got you covered. Enjoy demonstrations, free samples and sign up to win a raffle!

September 27, 5-9 pm: Join us for the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth Open House and Street Fair!
We'll have a booth and presentations on green jobs, renewable energy, mountaintop removal, the new sustainable economy and much more!
While you're here, be sure to join us for "I"m Ready: Speak Out For Green Jobs!" at the Adena Institute/ Sustainable Louisville Green Jobs Now! table.
To learn more:

September 27: "MAKING A DIFFERENCE 3.0- rated E for everyone's involvement" IDEA FESTIVAL 2008, Louisville KY Sept 25th - 27th Session Name- DATE- Saturday September 27th TIME- 11:45 am- 12:45 pm EDT (GMT-4) SITE- International Convention Center- Second Floor OTHER- Meet & Greet/ Q&A luncheon at the Mayan Cafe- 1:30- 3:30pm

September 27, 2008 12:00AM to 02:00AM: Green Jobs Now - Kentucky!
Frankfort, KY
Hosted by Andy McDonald Invite Friends to this Event Location:
2235 Gregory Woods Road

Commonwealth Computer Recycling: SBN Model Succeeds for Sustainable Louisville Member

August 18, 2008: Courier Journal Business article highlights Sustainable Business Networks and Sustainable Louisville business member Commonwealth Computer Recycling:

Parting ways

Commonwealth Computer Recycling turns old PCs, monitors into cash

By Bill • August 18, 2008

Commonwealth Computer Recycling was about a month old in March 2006, founder Jim Shields recalled, when he found himself tossing a ball to his German shepherd Dori and waiting "for one lady who had called in. She had one PC, one monitor and one printer. I waited four hours," he said.

Two years later, there's very little waiting around at the Louisville company. "It's a rocket. The thing has taken off very, very quickly," Shields said.

Located in a warehouse on East Kentucky Street, Commonwealth takes in between 60 and 80 tons of equipment every month -- mostly computers and monitors, but also other assorted electronic gear, from printers to copiers, fax machines, telephones and more.

The business is built on two promises: Those concerned about security issues are assured that the data-storing hard drives from their computers will be either shredded or electronically scrubbed of all information -- or both -- before the part leaves the warehouse.

In addition, anyone worried about the impact of millions of discarded computers on the environment can be certain that the equipment will be completely recycled -- not stripped of valuable parts and then placed in landfills.

Click here to read the entire article

SBN Solar leaders profiled in LEO Magazine.

Three leaders in solar and green building were profiled in the cover story for the July 30, 2008 issue of LEO magazine. Journalist Fairlegh Brooks gave an overview of how solar energy works, and highlighted the contributions of Architects Gary Watrous and Mark Isaacs and Green Builder Gil Holland. All three business people, founding members of the Sustainable Business Networks association, have pioneered successful market rate solar projects in the American mid-south. Click here to read the LEO article:

Solar System: As we burn toward full energy dependence, a case for something simpler: the sun

April 20 & 21: Earth Week with Judy Wicks and the 2nd Annual Green and Local Business Conference

Topping our list of Earth Day events is the exciting news of the Louisville visit of Judy Wicks! Judy is the world class business owner, social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies and the Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network.

Judy will be speaking on April 20 and 21 at the Clifton Center, 2117 Payne St, Louisville, KY.

Judy is an internationally known and inspiring speaker, networker and vision-keeper for a positive, sustainable future. We are honored to have her visit us for this year's Earth Day!

April 20th
6 p.m. - Judy Wicks: Reception
7 p.m. - Judy Wicks: Living with Local Economies
* Free and Open to the Public!

April 21st
8 a.m. - Judy Wicks: Breakfast w/ the Business Community
10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Conference by the Sustainable Business Networks

Location for all Events
The Clifton Center, 2117 Payne Street
For more information, visit:
George Perkins 502.425.6645
Green and Local Conference questions 502.410.2786

Following the breakfast, the 2nd Annual Kentuckiana Green and Local Business Mini-conference will feature presentations, workshops and networking with local business leaders on how to "Go Green and Local." You're Invited!
To register or learn more about the April 21 conference, go to:

To become a member of Sustainable Business Networks: Click here for a Downloadable SBN Membership Brochure

To learn about and contribute to growing sustainable businesses in the region, please join the discussion at the Sustainable Business Networks:

If you would like to join the event organizing committee for Judy Wicks visit, send an email to the listserv at

If you or your organization would like to support the events as a co-sponsor or underwriter, please click here for more information:

These events are sponsored by the ad hoc Earth Day Local Living Economies working group, the Sustainable Business Networks project, and others.

If you and your organization would like to help build the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies in Kentucky and Indiana, please join the Sustainable Business Networks now! SBN is an exciting and positive networking effort to support local citizens and businesses in "Going Green and Local."

Click here to learn more and to join the Sustainable Business Networks:

Alas! 2008 Sustainable Louisville "Green Magic" Pegasus Parade Float Canceled

Alas, the 2008 Sustainable Louisville "Green Magic" Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade float has been canceled.  The reasons are many, including, the economic downturn, the scattering of young artists from Louisville to the wider world, and the understandable priorities of daily life for many families and friends. 

We want to take a moment to thank the many wonderful community artists, businesses, families and the staff and volunteers of the Kentucky Derby Festival who went above and beyond in creating the Sustainable Louisville "Green Magic"  Grand Prize Winning Float in the 2007 Parade.

The float celebrated a "Green Future" for our community. Powered by 100% vegetable oil and sunshine, built of recycled and non-toxic materials, celebrating the magical spirits of nature, the "Green Magic" float demonstrated that any and all aspects of the Derby and other public events in Louisville could indeed be based entirely in renewable energy, green materials and community arts and spirit.  

We are impressed that the Derby Festival has continued to "Go Green," this year increasing recycling on site, and crafting even the famous "Derby Pins" out of recyclable, bio-degradeable materials.  Way to go!

To learn more about the "Green Magic" float and further adventures in community art, please take a look at 

Green Magic! Join in the Pegasus Parade! Derby 2007 & 2008

Straw Bale and Natural Building Training in March and April: Scholarship Opportunities for Sustainable Business Networks participants and others

Green Go Construction:

Straw Bale Building Workshop

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in learning more about Green Housing & Building options:

Architects, builders, sustainability educators, and green enthusiasts in general.

Attendees with participate in all aspects of construction, but workload is designated around physical ability. Scholarships are available - see details below.

Did you know? The first straw bale building to be built in Jefferson County are scheduled to be built in Clifton and Crescent Hill in 2008. Neighbors are invited to participate in the training and in learning how to do cooperative, low-cost high quality natural building.

Session Activity Weekend Schedule:

Preview Luncheon: Thursday, March 27 12-2 pm Lunch & Learn

Adena Center at W*bster University, Louisville: Galen Bldg, Zorn @ River Road Open to the Public, $5 Lunch / Donation requested. Please RSVP: 502 410 2786 or

Course Sessions:

One: March 29-30 Foundation and drainage

Two: April 5-6 Wall construction, door and window detail

Three: April 12-13 Roof construction and assembly

Four: April 19-20 Earth plaster and stucco

Cost $400 per person/ $500 per couple for entire workshop

$125 per single weekend/ $200 per couple

Foxhollow workshop upcoming in 2008

Scholarship Discounts of 50% available- see below.


2700 Hillside Terrace

Louisville, KY 40206

*Spring follow up-" Design and interior finishing" to be announced

For more information and to sign up:

(502) 608-9145

This Workshop qualifies for CEU credit for the Program in Sustainability Studies of the Adena Center. 

Half price discounts available:

participating in the Adena Sustainability Studies Program and partner community projects such as
Sustainable Clift*n, Sustainable Business Networks, Sustainable Louisville and others are eligible for scholarship support for a 50% discount on the course cost.

If you would like to apply for CEU credit for this course, the Certificate in Sustainability, or scholarship support please contact 

More Information:

Greening Our Neighborhoods & Businesses: From Design to Community

What: Greening Our Neighborhoods & Businesses: From Design to Community. A Lunch and Learn event.

When: Thursday, February 28, Noon to 2 PM.

  • Joan Pauly, National LEED- Neighborhood Design Committee: "Neighborhoods Taking the LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Neighborhood Design Standards"
  • John Baker, Co-Chair, Clifton Community Council and members of the Sustainable Clifton working group: "Weaving Neighborhood Living and Learning: Sustainability Design and Ecovillage Education"
Where: Adena Center Louisville, KY Campus
Directions: I-71 Exit 2, Zorn Ave. @ River Rd behind BP to the Galen Buiding, Second Floor. (Map)

Cost: Free and open to the public. Donations welcome. $10 requested for a light lunch buffet.

Please RSVP: To 502 410-2786 or
  • How can neighborhood residents and businesses go green?
  • How can local business associations and neighborhoods coalitions get ahead of the curve to take advantage of the new standards and opportunities in sustainability?
  • How do we plan for successful green futures?
  • What can individuals do in our own backyard and with our neighbors and local retailers, to create green neighborhoods now?
LEED - ND is the primary green neighborhood planning standard of the US Green Building Council. The Gaia Education Ecovillage Design program is the principal learning curriculum of the UN Institute for Training and Research. In Louisville, the Clifton neighborhood has committed to exploring these approaches to moving towards sustainability, and other neighborhoods are discussing similar strategies. Join us in a discussion with LEED and neighborhood leaders in discussing opportunities for neighbors and businesses to "go green."


LEED-ND/ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Neighborhood Design
Sustainable Clifton
Joan Pauly
Gaia Education: Ecovillage Design Education
Sustainable Business Networks
Adena Center

Interested in learning more about local sustainability? Join the conversation! Go to
and sign up for regular news and discussion on how to "go green" in Louisville and beyond.

This Workshop qualifies for CEU credit for the Program in Sustainability Studies of the Adena Center. If you would like to apply for CEU credit for this course or for the Certificate in Sustainability, please contact
More Information:

About the Living and Learning for Sustainability series

This event is sponsored by the Sustainable Business Networks project, helping to build the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. Join us for Earth Week with Judy Wicks and the Second Annual Green and Local Business Conference, April 20 and 21, 2008!

Sustainable Business Networks Membership and Donation Information

Green and Local
Community Businesses

Sustainable Business Networks
+1 502 410 2786
P.O. Box 4241
Louisville, KY, USA 40204

Member information:
You can join with an online donation


Print out and mail in our Member Brochure

Going Green and Local
Sustainable Business
Working with neighborhoods and communities to “do good while doing well.”

We’re committed to socially and environmentally responsible business and development practices:
How can businesses support sustainable neighborhoods and ecosystems?
How can we support green & local businesses?

Learning to make smart choices:
For local food, solar building, renewable energy, green procurement, fair trade, fair wages, diversity, community wellness, media democracy and more.

We are working to build a liveable local economy.
Working together, businesses and consumers can add value through green and community-appropriate design, development and business practices.
“Thinking globally and acting locally” increases neighborhood livability, local prosperity and earth’s well being.

Kentucky Sustainable Business Networks
offer businesses, neighborhoods, consumers and the broader community ways to “buy local and buy green”:
KSBN is an “exploratory committee” for forming sustainable network partnerships.
KSBN discount Founding Memberships benefits:
  1. Louisville Green & Local Conference & Expo
  2. Listings in the Green Business Network Directory & related web, print & television listing & advertising for local & global placement.
  3. Access to BALLE and SBN green & socially responsible purchasing & online SBN marketplace partnerships
  4. Learning Resources: BALLE and SBN lecture series, peer mentoring, consulting & assistance with sustainable business certifications
  5. Connections to planning resources, agencies, green advertising, products, services, and business opportunities.
  6. Opportunities to participate in Sustainable Business Incubators, marketing, networking, social entrepreneurship & partnering locally & worldwide.
Do you or your organization want to join the Sustainable Business Networks?

Organizational Membership: If you represent a business or non-profit, and wish to join the Sustainable Business Network. Please send your application and $100 membership online online or by mail with a Member Brochure

Individual Membership: If you want to join and donate to the Kentucky/Indiana Sustainable Business Networks please send a donation online or by mail with a Member Brochure at the level you can afford:
$10 $20 $50 $100 $500 $1000 $________

Contact Sustainable Business Networks at or 502 410 2786 to receive any of the following member services:

Kentucky Sustainable Business Network Newsletter & event updates.

To participate in the Sustainable Kentucky Business Network Lecture Series and the Sustainable Community Workshops, the biweekly seminars on how my business, organization and neighborhood can “go green.”

Your organization can host a seminar or invite a speaker on Sustainable Business. Please contact SBN to make arrangements.

Volunteer to help “green” business and neighborhoods! Please contact SBN to help at events in spreading the word!

Green Business Sponsors: Support efforts like the Green & Local Business Conference, Energy & Green Living Expos, Green Business Directory & Festivals, Green Magic! @ the Derby, & more. Please contact us regarding Sponsor opportunities.

You can join with an online donation


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Thanks !