SBN Working Group on BALLE - The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Since 2003, the Sustainable Business Networks project has been nurturing development of several initiatives, including affiliation as a Kentucky and "Kentuckiana" Chapter of BALLE - The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

It should be noted that the SBN activities in Kentucky and Indiana are rooted in the work of many groups and networks, stretching back at least to the 1970's "Jobs in Energy" and Citizen Energy Council initiatives, for instance. From the beginning, SBN has been developed as a means to create and support regional chapters of these organizations which effectively leverage and network the disparate strengths and resources of each. In particular, SBN was designed to provide a framework for BALLE and other national networks to partner at the local level in Kentuckiana.

BALLE is a premiere business association which is working diligently to support the growth of green and local businesses and economies. BALLE, along with the American Independent Business Alliance, Co-op America, Social Venture Network, and several other "green and local" business associations, provides critical resources for successful transitions to sustainable economies.

For a summary of links on this site related to the Sustainable Business Network and BALLE Chapter development, see:

A rough (incomplete) timeline of SBN involvement includes:

2000-2002: Coordination with BALLE, AMIBA, and Co-op America in forming the SBN focus
2000-2001: People's Agenda, Adena and Jobs With Justice Sustainable Business working group begins functioning with Non-Profit Service Center sponsorship. Local SBN /BALLE pages set up through Adena and Peoples Agenda, including:

How Do Sustainable Business Networks Work?

2003: Founding events for the Sustainable Business Networks initiative, including the Louisville Green Pages and Bioneers conference workshop:

From Living Wage to Living Economy:
Sustainable Business Networks and Sustainable Community Economic Development
Participants: Local labor, business, economic development and academic participants.


  • Michele Craig, President, Transite; Chair, Frankfort Avenue Business Association.
  • Tom Lambert, Economist, University of Louisville Center for Environmental Management and Saint Catherine College Department of Economics.
  • David Silverman, Adena Institute, Sustainable Business Network, Former Project Director, White House Inter-Agency Working Group on Sustainability Communities Projects
  • Chris Cogswell, Principal, FMG, Representative of Progressive Asset Management.
  • James Johnson, Jobs With Justice, People's Agenda
2004 - 2006:

Foundational meetings and presentations in Louisville, Lexington, Berea, Asheville, Boone, Georgetown, Indianapolis, Murray, Bloomington and elsewhere lay the ground for regional organizing with a variety of organizations and events, such as Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo, Berea Trading Post, Appalachian Center, Sustainable Communities Network, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Jobs With Justice, Peoples Agenda, Sustainable Louisville, Lexington Green Town Meeting and others.


January 2007: Convening sets goals for moving towards Louisville Green Expo and related small business and community outreach related activities, including BALLE chapter affiliation, Green and Local Business Conference, Green Float in Kentucky Derby, Louisville Green Pages, Community Outreach and Education, Sustainable Community-Business Network partnering and others.

Februaty 2007: Sustainable Louisville and Sustainable Business Network set up first round outreach for Community - Business partnering.

March, 2007: Strategic plan approved for the year.
See link to meeting notice: Sustainable Louisville and Regional Networking Meetings- March, 2007

April 2007: Green and Local Business Conference. BALLE Chapter-in-formation affiliation
See: Green and Local Business Conference

May 2007: Green Magic! Float wins Pegasus Parade Grand Prize

August, 2007: Bluegrass Energy and Green Living Expo

September 2007: Louisville Living and Learning Network Sustainability Series Launched

October 2007: Gaia Education and LEEDS Neighborhoods programs launched

November 2007: Sustainable Clifton and Green Business Media initiatives launched

December 2007: Membership and Media Outreach, State Chapter Affiliation completed

2008 Regular Living and Learning Network meetings
Statewide / regional goals:
Green Expo organizing
Green Media distribution
Green and Local Business Directory Distribution

Jan - March 2008: Green Business Legislative Outreach

April 2008: Green and Local Business Conference

June 2008: National BALLE conference

August 2008: Bluegrass Expo

Fall 2008: Statewide Convening

Spring 2009: Kentucky Green Expo in Louisville

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