Straw Bale and Natural Building Training in March and April: Scholarship Opportunities for Sustainable Business Networks participants and others

Green Go Construction:

Straw Bale Building Workshop

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in learning more about Green Housing & Building options:

Architects, builders, sustainability educators, and green enthusiasts in general.

Attendees with participate in all aspects of construction, but workload is designated around physical ability. Scholarships are available - see details below.

Did you know? The first straw bale building to be built in Jefferson County are scheduled to be built in Clifton and Crescent Hill in 2008. Neighbors are invited to participate in the training and in learning how to do cooperative, low-cost high quality natural building.

Session Activity Weekend Schedule:

Preview Luncheon: Thursday, March 27 12-2 pm Lunch & Learn

Adena Center at W*bster University, Louisville: Galen Bldg, Zorn @ River Road Open to the Public, $5 Lunch / Donation requested. Please RSVP: 502 410 2786 or

Course Sessions:

One: March 29-30 Foundation and drainage

Two: April 5-6 Wall construction, door and window detail

Three: April 12-13 Roof construction and assembly

Four: April 19-20 Earth plaster and stucco

Cost $400 per person/ $500 per couple for entire workshop

$125 per single weekend/ $200 per couple

Foxhollow workshop upcoming in 2008

Scholarship Discounts of 50% available- see below.


2700 Hillside Terrace

Louisville, KY 40206

*Spring follow up-" Design and interior finishing" to be announced

For more information and to sign up:

(502) 608-9145

This Workshop qualifies for CEU credit for the Program in Sustainability Studies of the Adena Center. 

Half price discounts available:

participating in the Adena Sustainability Studies Program and partner community projects such as
Sustainable Clift*n, Sustainable Business Networks, Sustainable Louisville and others are eligible for scholarship support for a 50% discount on the course cost.

If you would like to apply for CEU credit for this course, the Certificate in Sustainability, or scholarship support please contact 

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