Alas! 2008 Sustainable Louisville "Green Magic" Pegasus Parade Float Canceled

Alas, the 2008 Sustainable Louisville "Green Magic" Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade float has been canceled.  The reasons are many, including, the economic downturn, the scattering of young artists from Louisville to the wider world, and the understandable priorities of daily life for many families and friends. 

We want to take a moment to thank the many wonderful community artists, businesses, families and the staff and volunteers of the Kentucky Derby Festival who went above and beyond in creating the Sustainable Louisville "Green Magic"  Grand Prize Winning Float in the 2007 Parade.

The float celebrated a "Green Future" for our community. Powered by 100% vegetable oil and sunshine, built of recycled and non-toxic materials, celebrating the magical spirits of nature, the "Green Magic" float demonstrated that any and all aspects of the Derby and other public events in Louisville could indeed be based entirely in renewable energy, green materials and community arts and spirit.  

We are impressed that the Derby Festival has continued to "Go Green," this year increasing recycling on site, and crafting even the famous "Derby Pins" out of recyclable, bio-degradeable materials.  Way to go!

To learn more about the "Green Magic" float and further adventures in community art, please take a look at 

Green Magic! Join in the Pegasus Parade! Derby 2007 & 2008

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